The functions of the Directorate of Quality Assurance will be to:

1) Develop, strategize and oversee the implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy;

2) Develop and maintain appropriate and relevant general operational manuals including internal self-evaluation instruments to guide university-level QA operations;

3) Set performance standards including periodically updating operational manuals to guide university-level quality assurance operations as well as instruments for use in internal evaluations;

4) Evaluate the link between various university policies and quality assurance framework and devise harmonization strategies;

5) Formulate and oversee the implementation of various responsive strategies for quality assurance and promotion in accordance with changes in education challenges;

6) Evaluate resource availability for training, research and outreach programs and advise accordingly;

7) Coordinate program institutional self-evaluation of quality assurance systems;

8) Carry out analysis of quality assurance reports such as students’ course

9) evaluations; External Examiners reports, external evaluation/audit reports etc); identifying issues for action/attention of the management, faculties/schools or departments and monitoring implementation of pertinent recommendations/suggestions;

10) Coordinate external evaluation or institutional audits;

11) Initiate and maintain links with TCU and units in sister universities and colleges and forging partnership with relevant regional regulatory bodies for mutual benefit;

12) Monitor, evaluate and ensure quality in research and outreach;

13) Evaluate teaching methodologies and devise corrective measures for enhanced teaching and learning performance;

14) Advise Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs and Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration and Finance on matters of the attention of their offices.

15) Evaluate and ensure that non-academic staff charged with overseeing academic matters observes institutional standards for respective units;

16) Conduct periodic training on quality assurance issues;

17) Keep abreast with topical quality assurance matters in higher education at national, regional and global levels and determine how the University can actively participate in any debates and/or practices arising thereof; and

18) Perform any other duties related to QA as will be determined by the University.

Functions of the Director of Quality Assurance

The Director of Quality Assurance will:

1) Oversee the functions and responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Department;

2) Coordinate periodic internal self-evaluation of different departments/units of the University;

3) Facilitate and coordinate external evaluation of the SAUT academic programs including providing evaluation results to management and relevant departments/units;

4) Monitor implementation of internal and external evaluation recommendations;4) Monitor implementation of internal and external evaluation recommendations;

5) Provide technical support on QA matters to the University;

6) Link with the TCU and related agencies within the IUCEA and other internal and external professional bodies whose concerns and interests have bearing on the university’s curricula development and implementation in accordance with QA requirements;

7) Update the University on new developments in QA matters in higher education institutions within the regional and global contexts;

8) Represent the University on matters of quality assurance at national, regional and other international forums on higher education;

9) Prepare periodic reports to be submitted to the VC, on the overall quality status of the University;

10) Perform any other duty related to QA as will be determined by the University

11) Constantly monitoring and evaluating university wide activities

12) Support strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing quality and relevance of SAUT’s academic and administrative activities

13) Promote the adoption of quality assurance culture in all tuniversity activities.

Dr. Anne Grace Gongwe


Dr. Anne Grace Gongwe is currently a senior lecturer, a research fellow, and a consultant in the Economics Department at SAUT. A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Gongwe graduated from Colorado State University in 2011 with a Ph.D. in Economics, specializing in Regional Economic and Economics Development. Dr. Gongwe also holds a Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics from Wye College, the University of London in the UK. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (opting in rural economy) from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania, Dr. Gongwe worked as an Agricultural Research Officer at Naliendele Research Station in the Southern zone of Tanzania from 1992-1999. During her tenure at Naliendele, Dr. Gongwe was Zonal Coordinator for the Farming System Research Program and her research focused on women's participation in agricultural research and development. She was also a board member of the Cashew Board of Tanzania and computer instructor for the Naliendele Training Centre. At Colorado State University, Dr. Gongwe was an instructor for the Department of Economics. She also taught at Front Range Community College from 2006 to 2012. When she returned to Tanzania, she joined the Saint Augustine University of Tanzania in September 2012 as a Head of the Economics Department. Dr. Gongwe has visited several countries; in and out of Africa for conferences, short courses, and seminars on women empowerment and agricultural value chain improvement to empower women. Her research interest is quantitative research methods as applied to regional economic development. Her current research projects are related to the economics of improved seeds and fisheries systems as related to food security and women empowerment in the Lake Region and Western part of Tanzania. Also, issues related to child labor and regional economic development. She is also working in collaboration with the University of Loyola-USA and JCAM Nairobi on issues regarding sanctions in Zimbabwe and their impact on the welfare of Zimbabwean people and Africa in general. Dr. Gongwe has done a lot of consultancies for different organizations including BEST_DIALOGUE, ILO, SIKIKA, VI- Agroforestry, MIKONO YETU, Cotton Board of Tanzania, etc. With BEST_DIALOGUE among many consultancies work, she did to them was one titled, “Self-evaluation of Investigative Business Environment Reporting (IBER) Program” in 2019. Dr . Gongwe also has worked with MAGU AMCOS (Rice farmers) in the project of community seed production, branding, and Value addition of Rice in 2020.